The Snow Queen

Coming to Glossop in the New Year!

We’ve been  having fun and working hard  on our Dance/Drama performance. Keep a date in your diary – tickets on sale soon.


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Preview of ‘The Return’ – Creative Fusion Event 30th April

The ReturnTrailer:

I’m excited about seeing this in four days for a number of reasons:

It’s an innovative project involving and aimed at providing stimulating opportunities for adults with learning difficulties, and..

  • It draws on some of the mysteries of the Dark Peak
  • It makes use of the dramatic scenery of the area
  • The storyline intrigues me
  • I have a little role in it, yet have not seen any of the scenes!

It will be shown at the start of the Creative fusion night this Thursday and you can be one of the first to see locally made film ‘The Return’ “The Return is a psychological thriller, set in and around Glossopdale, the film follows a film crew who come to Glossop to make a documentary, on their arrival they discover that there is something strange about this sleepy little town… are there ghosts? parallel dimensions? or is it all a hoax? The films psychological angle draws you in, whilst building the suspense, and feeding you information to keep your mind racing and questioning what is going on.

Can you help? Please get in touch if you can help. We would like people to share our trailer, film and info with friends and contacts, mailing lists newsletters social media etc.” Showing at the Creative Fusion Night Made by Life you Choose

Creative Fusion Night April 30th

An evening of Live Music, Spoken Word, Puppetry and preview the locally made Psychological Thriller… ‘The Return’


Money raised will go to ‘Life You Choose’, an arts and multimedia group for people with learning difficulties.

Tickets are £5 on the door
Event starts at 7pm prompt

1st Creative Pot Luck Turns Into Something Of A Feast

                                                                                                 open mic me

When our Glossop Creative Social Group decided to get its feet wet with our first Open Mic session, ‘Pot Luck Creatives Bring In The New Year’, we didn’t know what would be served up. We were in for quite a treat – a diverse plateful of art, music and spoken word.

This was the ‘menu’:

The Wednesday Club, band: surefire starters for warming us up, with their vivacious sound and the ‘smoked honey’ vocals of the lead singer, Zoe Ey. Popular local line-up who generously supported all the other acts by volunteering to set up first and helping with microphones etc.

Me: reading from my latest novel, The Life Coach Less Travelled  (an extract my readers found funny; where the third client of the questionable Life Coach consults her about weight loss).

Steady Eddie, Edman Braithwaite,artist/singer/songwriter/guitarist: upped the beat further, with his song, ‘Positive Vibes’ setting the tone for the whole evening.

Georgia Turner, performing arts, writer: thoughtful and sensitive poem ‘It’s What Happens Now That Matters’; perfect encouragement for the New Year.

Theresa Rowan, poet/musician: hypnotic concoction of percussion and ‘Stream’ themed poetry, invoking ancient roots of folk-lore, both celebrating nature and haunting us with a reminder of the desolation and destruction of man-made environments .

Margaret Holbrook, poet, novelist: delightful segue into our pagan past, with poems ‘January’, drawing on Anglo-Saxon culture, and ‘February’, with allusions to myths and festivals of old, then ‘To Earth, A Love Poem’; charming metaphors of the garden; “In Spring, he saw her in a new light.”

Doug Torr, singer/songwriter/musician: kept us in happy folk-y mood, evoking, I thought, the spirit of Simon and Garfunkel with his original songs and guitar-playing.

Simon Robinson, poet: accelerated us into the the present day at high-speed with his hilariously ironic ‘love’ poems, ‘Texting You’ and ‘Power’, lending new meaning to the term, ‘hot rod’.

Mark Henderson, writer, storyteller : wonderfully-delivered tale of a walk through a graveyard on a dark night, building suspense  to a humorous twist in conclusion.

Rob Stevens,writer, singer/songwriter, guitarist:his song about a soldier going into the trenches in World War 1, poignantly portrayed a sense of melancholic apprehension.

Maddy Kensdale, chanteuse: surprise introduction of a French flavour with an accomplished, moving rendition of Edith Piaf’s ‘La Boheme’.

Phil Poyser, poet: comically brought us back to reality with his New Year poems: Poem One (ends up deleted), Poem Two – ‘New Year’s Lament’, (written a year later and somehow involving Hot Cross buns) and finally ‘Wistful Twister’, revealing ‘Kyliephilic’ dreams of playing ‘Twister’ with the Antipodean actress.

Karl Largan, poet: inspirational tribute poem about the late African-American baseball player, Leroy ‘EverReady’ Roberts; and his short poems, the touching ‘Ghost of A Man’ and the funny ‘Haiku.’

Kat Sumner and Leighton Pennington, musicians : powerful, punchy, bluesy vocals  accompanied by the Latin verve and spot-on chords of the guitarist; a great debut for the duo and ‘going out with a bang’ end to our first ‘Creative Fusion’ soiree.

So, thanks to all: Mark Henderson, a natural raconteur and brilliant MC, to Jenni and Georgia, our youngest members, who decorated the walls with phrases of what New Year meant for us, Edman for displaying samples of his stunning ‘organic art’, the performers, the lovely audience and the staff of The Globe, for providing a congenial ambience and legendary curry. Also to Nicola Worswick, founder of our group, and jointly, the charitable organisation The Life You Choose‘, formed to support and enhance the lives of adults with learning difficulties and their families. Keep posted for our next event to raise funds for that project.